Secrets of Female Sexual Psychology

beautiful lips of an attractive girlDid you know that many women want casual hookups just like men do? You might not believe this, but it is true. Women tend to be choosier than men when it comes to who they sleep with, and this is biologically programmed in them. As a matter of fact, if you have ever taken a biology class, then you may have heard of a saying that says eggs are expensive, and sperm is cheap. However, that saying is utterly rubbish and untrue, and if you believe that, then get it out of your head right now.

If you believe that women are pickier than men when it comes to choosing partners they want to date, then it means that you probably will have a hard time finding women to be intimate with.

The harsh truth is that women are not biologically more likely to be pickier than men. And you can turn on the TV and watch a few episodes of Maury Povich or even Jerry Springer to find this out.

On a primal level, women want sex just as much as men. And some, like authors Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha in their book Sex At Dawn, have even argued that women are just as evolutionary motivated to have multiple partners as men.

The Loophole in Female Psychology

When men know how to tap into women's primal nature, then they increase their chances of connecting with them and their chances of having sex with them go way up. However, there are a few things you need to know, and one of those things is that you will want to learn how stereotypes can affect your chances of getting laid.

“77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@#k You”

women psychology secrets

Many guys believe women are nurturing and warm, and this is probably because they were raised with mothers in the household or had a mother figure. Not only do men stereotype women, but chicks do it to guys too, and from a young age. For example, many girls are told to be careful when it comes to boys, because they may be predators, violent and aggressive. They have been told to not drink too much or walk alone at night and so forth.

You get the idea, and with that said, you probably can see why many women don't jump at the chance to have a one night stand, at least not as quick as many men would. They may want to, but what's stopping them is that they have a perceived risk.

How to Triggering Automatic Female Lust

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