The Feminine Mind – Her Emotional G-Spot

Women often turn down sexual offers because they get a vibe that the guy wouldn’t be good in bed. Basically, she gets a vibe that he’s going to suck in bed.

Here are two secrets that will help you to get a woman in bed

what is her secret desires?You must learn to tap into her intuition, by making yourself irresistible. She will forget that you might be bad in bed and be ready for you on a first date.

Secret 1- you must make her feel safe when she is around you.

Secret 2- She must think that you will be good in bed.

This article will give you step by step instructions that guarantee you will get her into bed, easier and quicker.

The technique written in this article will show you how to develop sense of a deep connection with her, and will comfort all her fears and doubts.

If you can effectively communicate to her that you will give her a promise of a pleasurable experience, it will never matter how handsome and rich you are. Women will give you a response and want you to get them into bed as soon as possible.

Here is a technique that will help you to break through to the other side.

Having the right conversation with the woman will assure her that you are making a mental connection. Conversations create mental maps, as well as emotional maps.

Example: If I eat a lemon my mouth will pucker and water.
Or I just think about eating the lemon it makes my mouth water and pucker.

I go back in my mind to the very first time that I opened up a Playboy magazine. I just held it in amazement, and could get the scent of the fresh ink. I still smile when I think about that time, I still get a little horny and happy thinking back to that time.

Our brains are always associating things and most professors that studied behavioral neuroscience would say if it is firing together, it will be wired together.

Why do you need to know this information?

Do you have a friend that is really funny? Every time you are around him all you do is laugh.

Begin to think about this friend. Really try to picture him in your brain, right now. As you are thinking about him, take notice of how you feel. You may be noticing it may even cause you to get a warm sensation and feel more energetic. Your whole body may have a good feeling.

This person has made you associate him with feeling good. He has made you laugh so many times, that now your brain is hardwired to associates him a good feeling.

That is what you are trying to make a women's brain feel.

Now you are probably thinking that you are not funny, and this can never help me to get laid.

If you use the conscience awareness technique, then you will be able to control what is going on. You have to understand what you are doing.

You should be able to cue safe and pleasant memories for the woman. Even one that you have nothing to do with. Just being around the woman, you can make her feel more desired and lusted after.

Example: She is talking about good times and pleasant memories, and you are carefully listening to her. She will make the conclusion that you make her feel wonderful.

Many people forget what is said and only remember how they felt when they were with you.

If you understand this method, you will be able to guide the conversation into ways that you can get her to share her emotions. Then she will associate these affections when she is around you.

When a woman starts to feel safe around you, she may begin to discuss unpleasant experiences, which is alright too. This is OK because she will associate these emotions with you. Keep in mind that you always want to reinforce something positive that she can feel in her body about whatever experience she has shared. She has to feel the experience she has had with you.

There is a story that relates to this situation. A woman goes on a date with two different men. On the first date, the man made her feel like she is the most important thing in the entire world. On the second date, the man made her feel like he was the most important thing in the universe. Can you guess which one she was in love with? The first guy.

The first man gave her stronger feelings in her body. He got her to share her interests and find out what excites her. If you try to impress the woman by sharing your experiences, then she might think that you are cool but it is less likely that she will come home with you.

You should always remember how she is feeling inside when she is with you. Her personal experiences will always create a stronger relationship with you. That will make her anchor her affections toward you. It is better to let her share her feelings than when you share your personal experiences.

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