The Secret Code of Women

I have seen a plenty of movies and TV shows where the women take on characteristics of the men they are dating. On one episode of Family Guy, Meg asks her boyfriend how he likes his eggs, and he asks her how she likes hers. Her reply was, “Let’s say what we like together” and of course her answer comes a second or two after he says he like scrambled eggs, and he says, “Wow that’s eight things we have in common”. Although we have seen episodes like that play out on Family Guy and The Runaway Bride, women really do crazy stuff like that in relationships, like in this ebook free download.

flood of emotions in a womanI have personally known women that are smart as the day is long however if they meet a man that is not as smart as they are, they will dumb down their intelligence to fit in. The online dating sites world has become so competitive that people will do anything, and I mean anything to be in a relationship.

I know women that pretend to love sports and sporting events just so the hot guy they want will spend time with them. They will learn as much about the sport as they can to keep the lie going. However, I talk to them and they are dying inside because all the guy wants to do is watch sports, nothing else. However, if he thinks you love it, then he thinks you are enjoying yourself as much as he is.

Dating and relationships are hard and finding the person that you can connect to is even harder. However, being something that you are not has to be the worst feeling in the world. At the end of the day, they person you are in love with loves someone else… the person you are pretending to be.

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